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 Why can't I read CDs?
I have a HP CD Writer plus 7200e that connects to the PC through the printer port. The software and driver supplied with this writer both seem to install correctly, and it appears that you can format blank CDs and write to them. However a normal CD-ROM drive cannot read the information on these discs, which appear to be blank when inserted into the CD-ROM. I have attempted to install this drive on to my work PC - a Pentium 200MMX with 64Mb of RAM plus 2Gb hard disk and 32x CD-ROM that runs a fully updated version of Win95 with IE4. I have also tried to set this CD writer up on my own PC - a PII 400MHz with a 128Mb RAM and 10Gb hard disk with 44x CD-ROM. This PC runs Win98 with all known fixes and IE5. The outcome is still the same, however, I can only read disks created by this drive in this drive, which to be honest is about as much use to me as HP's technical support and manuals, which I would describe in both circumstances as being poorly organised and thought out.
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Taken from issue 71 of PCA Answers.

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