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The Latest Five
BIOS performance tweaks
Looking to squeeze more performance out of your PC? Dan DiNicolo shows you how with some simple BIOS tips, from PC Answers 108, July 2002
PC surround sound
You can get surround sound even with the cheapest soundcards and speakers. Neil Mohr explains how to get the best from your system, from PC Answers 107, June 2002
Your BIOS Revealed!
Your BIOS is the key to a smooth running system, but what exactly is it, how do you control it and how do you optimise it? Alan Dexter provides the answers to the questions that affect all PC users. From PC Answers 107, June 2002
Windows XP: hardware and drivers
Windows XP makes it easier to control your hardware and get the most out of it - Mary Branscombe finds the right device drivers.
Cracking the XP kernel
Windows XP brings the power and stability of Windows 2000 to home machines without the limitations. Mary Branscombe delves under the hood.
The Rest
RAM tips
SIMMs, DIMMs, SD-RAM and RDRAM - Mike Williams cuts through the memory jargon to give the tips that really matter
Data recovery
You think those files have been deleted forever, but as Alan Dexter discovers, they can be rescued.
Build your own PC
With a spare hour or two, a PCAnswers screwdriver, a little ingenuity and this essential guide, anyone can put their own PC together. Neil Mohr explains how...
Back up your data
Your data is the most important thing on your PC. Find out how to back it up with our definitive guide. Nick Peers puts away the floppy disks...
C++ Builder - part two
In the second part of his C++Builder tutorial, Huw Collingbourne delves into data types and builds a handy VAT calculator.
Complete guide to Netscape 6 - part one
Finally, Netscape has a new release and it's more than just a Web browser. Penny Jannifer explains how to make the most of its new features with a look at mail and messaging...
Learn to program with C++ Builder - Part One
If you want to learn to program your computer, now's your chance, as Huw Collingbourne begins a six-part tutorial to programming with C++Builder.
Complete guide to Paint Shop Pro 7 - Part Two
In the second part of our guide, Frank Charlton runs through the new text handling and Internet support in Paint Shop Pro 7.
Complete guide to Paint Shop Pro 7 - Part One
In the first of a two-part guide, Frank Charlton looks at the new digital camera and image-enhancement features of Paint Shop Pro 7.
Complete guide to SystemSuite 2000 - Part One
Find out how you can keep your PC in tip-top condition with Frank Charlton and this fine collection of system tools.
Complete Guide to Money 2000 - Part Two
Mary Branscombe shows you how to keep on top of your finances with Money Express
The complete guide to reinstalling Windows
We all have to do it sooner or later - reinstall Windows. Alan Dexter and Graham Barlow steer you through what to do, why you'll need to and how to go about it.
Complete guide to Publisher 2000 - Part One
Whether you're designing a Web site for your gerbil or company newsletters, Publisher 2000 can do it all, says Mary Branscombe
Complete guide to Publisher 2000 - Part Two
This time, Mary Branscombe shows you how to use Microsoft's DTP package to produce Web pages
Complete guide to Outlook Express - Part One
Using Outlook Express for email and news? Mary Branscombe suggests you spruce up your act and get secure too
Complete guide to Outlook Express - Part Two
Hardly a month goes by without a new virus hitting out. Your anti-virus software will only catch the known ones but there's lots you can do to ward off infection and lost data
Complete guide to Microsoft Money 2000 - Part One
Money 2000 promises to help you master your accounts and balance your financial act. Mary Branscombe takes a look

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