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Issue 142, February 2005

Get faster Windows in just two hours: Windows XP is the largest OS from Microsoft ever, but need it be? We show you how to trim it down to make your PC run faster

PC Answers 142

25 tips
The Internet is great for buying things on the cheap, we have some top tips so that you know where to look.

Project 1 – build your own Web site
Join the world wide Web by building your own Web site.

Complete Guide – Drive cloning
Save yourself the agony of having to reinstall your OS and all your apps by making a clone image of your hard disk.

Project 2
In part two of our four part series on image editing we take you through selecting masks and layers.

Continuing our new series on Linux we show you what you should do before you install Linux.

5-minute guide
Clean your PC of spyware using Spybot.

Desktop tweaking
Change the way that Windows XP launches programs.

Hack the registry
Make your PC more secure with some simple alterations to the registry.

Admin tools
Schedule tasks and save your self time and effort.

How Windows works
We explain why your PC needs Windows services to run.

Build a dual processor PC
Make your self a faster PC by using not one but two CPUs.

How to upgrade your hard drive
Is your old hard drive full up and rather old? We show you all you need to know to install a new one.

Ever wondered where all the spam emails come from? Well it could be from your PC. We explain the alarming rise of bot nets.

Software group test
Family tree suites
Fancy doing a bit of genealogy? Check out eight of the best suites on the market.

Hardware group test
DVD writers
Fancy burning your own DVDs? We’ve got four internal and four external drives. Find out which we think is best.

Ask the experts
Once again we’ve rounded up the PC Answers experts in order to solve your problems. We’ve got eight pages of tips you really can’t be without.

Hardware helpdesk
If you’ve got a problem with your PC or other hardware then this is where you need to go, PC Answers will sort you out.

On the CDs
PicoZip 2.2
Website eXtractor 7.81
Flash Designer 1.5
Javascript Editor 2.2
SmartGrabber 2.3

This article first appeared in PC Answers Issue 142 - February 2005

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PC Answers 142
February 2005

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